Ender Lily Seeds

A fully-grown Ender Lily. The Seed is in the frame. Source:

An Ender-Lily Seed is an item added by the Extra Utilities Mod. They are a safe way to obtain ender pearls, unlike battling endermen.

Ender Lily Seeds are rare items found either in the End, or in Dungeon Chests. When planted, the Ender-Lily Seed will turn into Ender Lilies that begin their cycle to maturity. Using bonemeal is highly discouraged as it causes the plant to lose a stage of growth, effectively reversing the growth process. When broken before reaching maturity, the plant will drop only one seed. When the plant is mature, however, the plant will drop an ender pearl and a seed. When planted on Endstone, a broken mature plant has a 2% chance of dropping a second seed.

There are three blocks an Ender Lily can grow on: Dirt, Endstone, and an Ender Core. When planted on endstone, a Lily takes around 168 minutes to fully grow (tested), or just about seven in-game days. When a seed is planted on dirt, however, it can take up to four times as long. The ender core can speed up the growth of an Ender Lily if planted on the core.